Guests at The Manor can delight in a diverse array of recreational activities. From on-site adventures like Burma Bridge, wall climbing, archery and zip-lining to off-site excursions like water sports, visits to wildlife sanctuaries, spiritual tours, farm tours and more. Here's a glimpse of the experiences guests can enjoy during their stay at The Manor and the activities available near Shimla.

In-house Activities

A sturdy Burma rope bridge suspended between trees in a lush forest, its yellow structure offering a path for adventure-seekers.


Burma Bridge

This is a fun activity for those wanting to try something new. The Burma Bridge consists of a long rope bridge that has been suspended at a height. One can take the adventurous walk across the bridge once they are wearing the safety harness. You would really enjoy to cross this suspended bridge.

A child climbs a spider-web rope frame in an outdoor park, secured by a harness against a backdrop of blue sky and fluffy clouds, with lush trees around.


Spider Web

The object of the game is to score points by passing everyone through holes in a spider web without touching the web.

A challenging commando net made of green ropes and interlaced tires stands ready for an outdoor training session in a sunny field.


Commando Net

Commando Net Climbing is designed to test your physical strength over the course and help you to be one with your mind and body.

Children gleefully jump on an outdoor trampoline, enclosed by a safety net, enjoying playful moments in a lush green backyard.



In this game, one person stands on the outside of the trampoline and throws a ball to the other players who are jumping inside the trampoline. The jumpers must catch the ball without letting it touch the trampoline mat and while continuing to jump.

 A climber, secured with a harness and rope, is ascending an indoor climbing wall. She's focused on her next move, with various colorful holds dotting the wall around her.


Artificial Climbing Wall

The sport of climbing an artificially constructed, rocklike wall by means of footholds and handholds.

An adventurer in safety gear rappels down a yellow structure with a determined expression, showcasing the thrill of the activity.



Descend a rock face or other vertical surface by using a doubled rope coiled around the body and fixed at a higher point.

A lively group of cyclists celebrates a pause in their mountain ride, displaying their bikes and enjoying the camaraderie on a forested roadside.



Mountain biking, or MTB, is an off-road bicycle sport that is usually set on rough terrain like mountains, deserts, or rocks with specially designed mountain bikes. 

 young child, focused and poised, aims a toy bow and arrow at a target in a sunlit garden, practicing archery with concentration.


Archery/Gun Shooting

Archery is the sport, practice, or skill of using a bow to shoot arrows. Gun shooting sports are a group of competitive and recreational sporting activities involving proficiency tests of accuracy and precision.

A vibrant blue tent glows against the contrasting darkness of a clear, star-filled night sky, with a distant city’s lights shimmering below.


Overnight Camping

Camping is an outdoor activity involving overnight stays away from home in a shelter, such as a tent.

A person on a zipline soars with joy across a scenic landscape, the greenery below providing a beautiful natural backdrop to the adventure.


Zip Line

An action-filled recreational activity that involves riding a steel cable on a protective seat or a belt between two points and generally on a valley that exhibits spectacular scenery. 

A hiker in a bright red jacket and hat stands on a mountain trail, with a hiking stick and backpack, overlooking a sweeping view of green valleys.


Nature Walk

A nature walk is a great way to 'unplug,' observe, and explore nature while enjoying the outdoors. 

Two people engage in stargazing using a telescope against a twilight sky, pointing towards the heavens in search of celestial wonders.


Telescope For Star Gazing

Telescopes of this kind are typically used to examine the Moon, other objects in the solar system, such as Jupiter and Mars and binary stars.

A quaint treehouse perched amidst dense, green forest foliage, offering a secluded retreat high above the forest floor.


Tree House

Fun things to do in your tree house...Take a moment to gaze at the stars. If your tree house has decking or a balcony, you could use this space for a celestial adventure, a picnic and other indoor activities with a view.

A casual forest picnic with friends sharing a meal; a mix of conversation and dining unfolds on a rustic spread amid the trees and rocks.


Forest Lunch

Pack a picnic lunch and enjoy a nourishing meal in the forest. Take in the peacefulness of the surroundings and enjoy a sense of calm. 

 A group of children engaging in a music session, playing various instruments including a keyboard, guitar, ukulele, and flute, in a room with a cozy, creative atmosphere.


Music Learning Session

A music session meets a music teacher for one-to-one training sessions ranging from 30 minutes to one hour in length over a period of weeks. 

An artist’s desk with a sketchbook showing drawings of flowers, accompanied by pencils, paintbrushes, and inspiration photos, capturing the essence of botanical art.



Sketching/Painting allows individuals to convey ideas, express emotions, use their senses, explore color, delve into processes and outcomes and create aesthetically pleasing works and experiences.

Hands deftly shape a clay pot on a potter’s wheel, the wet clay glistening under the artisan's touch, indicative of the creative process in pottery.


Art and Craft Session

These activities help us to improve the way we think, feel and behave. It also helps us to gain confidence, learn new skills and provide us with a sense of achievement.

A peaceful scene in a spa with a person receiving a relaxing head massage, highlighting a serene wellness experience.


Wellness: Spa, Panchakarma, Yoga and Meditation

Our spa and Panchakarma programs, combined with yoga and meditation, offer more than just physical detoxification; they also provide emotional and mental cleansing.

Outside Activities

water sport


Water Sports

Water sports at Tattapani include activities such as rafting and jet skiing conducted on water bodies.

A paraglider in flight against a backdrop of snow-covered mountains and a clear sky, embodying the freedom of the sport.



Paragliding at Devidhaar is a recreational and competitive adventure sport involving flying paragliders.

Trekkers with backpacks hiking uphill, using trekking poles, during a glowing sunset casting warm light on the grassy landscape.


Trekking, Camping & Survival Challenge

These activities include outdoor skills such as trekking and camping. The survival challenge tests your skills in the wild with minimal amenities.

The entrance of Himalayan Nature Park in Kufri, marked by a grand archway with sculptures of wildlife, welcoming visitors into the sanctuary.


Wildlife Sanctuary

In this category, we will take you to explore the wildlife sanctuaries near Shimla, such as the Himalayan Bird Park at Chaura Maidan, the Himalayan Nature Park at Kufri and the Shimla Water Catchment Wildlife Sanctuary.

A tranquil shot of a traditional hilltop temple at dusk, showcasing beautiful architecture with a stunning mountainous horizon.


Spiritual/Religious Tour

In this category, we will take you to explore the religious places near Shimla, such as Jhaku Temple, Tara Devi Temple, Kaali Maa Tibba Temple, Tikkar Mata Temple, Nag Devta Temple, Devi Dhaar Temple, Seep Devta Temple, Padhai Mata Temple, etc.

A panoramic view of a lush, green field with a backdrop of mountains, framed by trees, under a cloudy sky.


Heritage Tours

In this category, we will take you to explore the heritage places near Shimla, such as The Ridge, Mall Road, Advance Studies, Annadale, Naldhera and many more.

A group of joyful people on a jeep safari, waving and smiling, surrounded by grasslands with a cloudy sky above.


Jeep Safari

Jeep Safari is an exciting way to explore wildlife, scenic landscapes and natural beauty in an open jeep.

People participating in a farm tour, picking strawberries in a field, with houses on a hill in the background.


Farm Tour 

Enjoy farming-related experiences on a farm or other agricultural setting for entertainment or educational purposes and have a picnic meal at the farmer's house.

The entrance of Himalayan Nature Park in Kufri, marked by a grand archway with sculptures of wildlife, welcoming visitors into the sanctuary.


Wildlife Sanctuary

In this category, we will take you to explore the wildlife sanctuaries near Shimla, such as the Himalayan Bird Park at Chaura Maidan, the Himalayan Nature Park at Kufri and the Shimla Water Catchment Wildlife Sanctuary.