Relax and unwind at our spa, which is designed to help you rejuvenate the soul, body, and mind. The spa at The Manor offers a wide range of Ayurvedic massages and international therapies for you to choose from. Allow yourself to get pampered! 

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Tennis Court

Spread across 6300 sq. ft., the tennis court at The Manor is one of the highest courts in the country, with a 360-degree view of the stunning surroundings.



In-house Clinic

Every resident is a part of The Manor family and we take good care of their well-being and safety. We have an in-house round-the-clock clinic that is well-stocked with emergency medications and other necessary medical equipment to treat minor health issues.

grocery shop


Tuck Shop

The Manor houses a departmental store - Tuck Shop for guests who would like to cook their own meals. We ensure that all your daily needs like milk, cheese, bread, coffee, fresh vegetables, seasonal fruits, other essential commodities are well provisioned at Tuck Shop. We also assist with door-step delivery of your groceries at a minimal charge.




Although Himachal Pradesh is a very peaceful and safe place to stay, we, at The Manor value both you and your precious belongings. To ensure that you are in safe hands at all times, the entire premises has been equipped with HD-CCTV cameras that map every yard of the estate. This is the best luxury resort in Naldehra, which heavily guarded and offers complete security and peace of mind. 




Wake up and start your day fresh at our gym in The Manor. A day at Arumah Valley cannot get better than this. Our gym is fitted with the latest equipment and facilities to satisfy your requirements.



Swimming Pool

Dive into the oasis of tranquility at The Manor's swimming pool, where crystal-clear waters embrace a sun-kissed paradise. 




Discover the sacred sanctuary of yoga at The Manor, where mind, body, and spirit unite in harmonious union. Amidst panoramic vistas and serene surroundings, experienced instructors guide you through transformative poses and gentle flows, awakening a profound sense of inner peace.




Prepare for a captivating escape within the enchanting confines of The Manor's in-house theater. Nestled in luxury, immerse yourself in a world of cinematic marvels. Plush seating embraces you as high-definition screens and state-of-the-art audio transport you into a realm of immersive storytelling.