Do It Yourself

Prepare your own meals in fully equipped kitchen of your chosen accommodation or order from our extensive menu and enjoy a fine-dining experience within the sublime comfort of your home.

Hire A Butler 

For arranging dinner parties, looking after your accommodation, looking after visitors, doing the laundry etc.

A Private Chef 

To adapt cuisine to the employer’s needs and tastes, plan menus, maintain the kitchen and work with your butler(if hired) to ensure that your delicious meals and snacks are always served when you need them, no matter what the occasion.


The Manor Shimla - People sitting at Boca Mario restaurant amidst the mountains

Boca Mario Restaurant

Framed in beautiful Tuscany Limestones and stylish soft lights glow, Boca Mario offers a selection of North Indian and Italian Cuisines with a truly rustic, royal and old-world experience. 

The Stable Restaurant

"The Stable" at The Manor Luxury Service Apartments in Naldehra, Shimla, invites you on a delightful culinary journey steeped in the grandeur of the British era. With its charming decor reminiscent of colonial times, this restaurant offers an enchanting fusion of history and gastronomy.

The Stable 1

Boca Mario 8

Candlelight Dinner

Enjoy the mesmerizing mix of colors as you prep up for a full course candlelight dinner and spark your romance.

Barbecue and Wine

Barbecue & Wine

Heaven on earth for couples and singletons alike. Personally curated Wine & Mezze Events.

The Manor Shimla - Two women looking at the mountains with cutlery placed on the table in front of them

Forest Lunch

An exquisite dining experience amidst the pines, comprised of the hill views on all sides. 


Feasting Table

Celebrate with all your favorite people in one place, be it cocktail hours, baby showers, picnics, and other parties, family-style grazing tables are all the rage because they let you casually mingle over drinks and food.




Sweetheart Table

A sweetheart table to guarantee you some intimate face time with the love of your life. What better way to bask in the bliss of saying "I do" than dining just the two of you? 

The Manor Shimla - A band performing a song at our resort

Live Music

As the cool breeze soothes your soul, let the beautiful symphony of live music sway you. The cosy ambience and the music will make the time spent here unforgettable.